Designed for Windows, automatically sync your files

For: Windows XP+
Compatible with Windows 10
Latest version: 4.1.6


Designed for macOS, auto sync with your files

For: macOS 10.10+
Latest version: 4.1.4


Designed for Linux, auto sync with your files

For: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debain and related Linux distributions
Latest version: 4.1.4


Designed for iOS, access your files anywhere

AppStore Keyword:
坚果云, Nutstore

For: iOS 9.0+
Latest version: 5.2.8


Designed for Android, access your file anywhere

App Markets Keyword:
坚果云, Nutstore

For: Android 4.2+
Latest version: 4.12.0

Outlook plug-in

Designed for Outlook, manage your attachments intelligently.

For: Outlook 2010+
Latest version: 1.3.0